EcoHouse LTD offers you a range of air purifiers Super Plus series which are popular in Russia since 1993.

These devices will make indoor air clean ensuring the removal of pollen, fungal spores, metabolic products of domestic animals and ticks, fine dust and tobacco smoke from the air, while the purified air is saturated with negative ions of oxygen so called air vitamins that make indoor air clean and invigorating.

  • purify the air of fine dust, allergens, fumes and tobacco smoke
  • the air is saturated with negative ions
  • eliminate unpleasant odors
  • have antibacterial properties
  • work without replacement filters
  • economical (electricity consumed no more than 10 W/h)
  • have several modes of operation
  • the cleaning efficiency up to 96%
  • up to 3 years guarantee!

Operation of air cleaners series Super Plus is based on the principle of ionic wind that occurs as a result of corona discharge and ensures the flow of air through the filter cartridge unit, while the aerosol particles (dust, smoke, micro-organisms), polluting the air, are absorbed, along with air in the cassette acquiring an electric charge and stick to the collecting plate located inside it by the electrostatic field.

Air passing through the cartridge, further treated with ozone formed in the corona discharge zone. Its amount significantly less than the maximum allowable concentration, but still enough to ensure that the room in which the device works, is cleaned from unpleasant smells, suppress vital functions of harmful bacteria, mold spores.

Air purifiers have several modes that enable the most efficient use of the device in rooms of different sizes.